Fried Canned-Peach Vegan BBQ Street Tacos

These fried-peach tacos are seriously mouth-watering, and satisfy every desire for summer-time comfort food, with the sweetness of fried canned peaches and the spiciness of jalapeños, BBQ sauce and a little chili powder in the homemade coleslaw.

Get ready for a lot of kick, complex flavors & comfort food nostalgia with this one– these tacos deliver the simple & classic flavors of summer coleslaw, country peaches and backyard BBQ; but when you put ’em all together on a street taco, it takes it to a whole different level.

Each element of these tacos are key, but the top two secrets to this recipe are that the spiciness of the tacos is mostly in the coleslaw & the sweetness is in the base (which, of course, would usually be expected in reverse), and that the peaches are fried with garlic.

When you fry your peaches with a little (or a lot of) garlic, you’ve got the perfect savory & sweet pairing, especially when you toss in some jalapeño, which totally has those same savory-sweet essences inherently. Delicious!

Another secret is in the coleslaw, but you’re gonna have to check out the whole recipe to get to it– so, get to it!

Fried Canned-Peach BBQ Street Tacos

Ready in 1 hour

Serves 2-4 people, or 6+ people if doubled.

It’s Vegan! ✌🏻


Street Taco Corn Tortillas
Canned Peaches (2 cans)
Garlic (Fresh, Minced or Garlic Powder)
Avocado Oil or Vegetable Oil

Coleslaw Mix, Bagged
Jalapeño, fresh (1-2 or more)
Plant-Based Mayo
White Granulated Sugar
White Vinegar
Salt & Pepper
Lime Juice
Chili Powder

Spanish Rice:
White Rice (1 cup)
Jalapeño, fresh (1 or more)
Yellow Onion (1)
Lime Juice
Chili Powder
Lemon Pepper

BBQ Sauce*:
White Vinegar
Maple Syrup
Dijon Mustard
Molasses or Brown Sugar
Lemon Pepper
Garlic Powder
Salt & Black Pepper
Chili Powder

*Of course, totally feel free to purchase your own vegan barbeque sauce, to speed this recipe up just a little. Sweet Baby Ray’s barbeque sauce is wonderful and be found pretty much anywhere- just make sure not to grab the honey varieties! 


  1. First, begin by draining the juice from your canned peaches into a cup, and set aside to use later or to sip on while you cook. Don’t waste the juice, but you won’t need it for this recipe.

    Place the peaches into a colander to sit & strain completely while you continue to prep!
  1. Next, start cooking your rice using your own chosen method, such as an Instant Pot, rice cooker or just stove-top style. 

    Personally, I totally just used an Instant Pot and  made my rice on the ‘Rice’ setting at a 1:1 ratio with water, and it cooked for 12 minutes. Easy peazy!

    Now that you got the rice a-cookin’, move on to prepare your spicy coleslaw.
  1. You’re gonna want the coleslaw to be chilled by the end, so starting your prep by assembling the coleslaw will completely allow time for it to chill before it’s time to serve.

    Begin by small dicing about three whole Jalapeños; you’ll only need one or so of the jalapeños for the coleslaw, but take the time now to dice ‘em them all, and set aside- you’ll thank yourself later!
  1. Next, get out a large mixing bowl and prepare the coleslaw dressing in the base of the bowl. 

    You’ll need to combine: 
    1 cup of Plant-based Mayo; ½ liquid ounce of White Vinegar; a few teaspoons of Lime Juice; a tablespoon of white Sugar; and Paprika, Chili Powder, Black Pepper and Salt, to taste.
  1. When you’re satisfied with your dressing, add in your bagged coleslaw veggies & a handful of diced jalapeño.
  2. Using a flat mixing spatula,  incorporate the dressing into the veggie mix, and then you can place a cover over it (such as saran wrap, or even a flat plate or lid) and then toss it in the fridge to let chill.
  3. Now, take just a few quick minutes to prepare the BBQ sauce, if you are making your own. 

    In a small bowl, combine the following, with ketchup as the base, to taste:
    Ketchup, White Vinegar, Maple Syrup, Dijon Mustard, Sriracha, Molasses, and Salt & Pepper, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Powder, Paprika, and Chili Powder.

    Give it a try, and set aside!
  1. Now, your rice has definitely finished cooking and has hopefully cooled slightly, so throw your rice into a skillet or frying pan with a fair amount of olive oil and place it on your stove top on medium-high heat. 
  2. Chop up one whole yellow onion into thick pieces while the burner begins to heat up, and once the rice and oil begin to pop, throw in the diced onion & your desired amount of diced jalapeño, along with a liberal amount of lime juice. 
  3. Continuously stir your rice so that it doesn’t burn, and add in fair amounts of Paprika and Chili Powder- both for flavor and color- as well as Salt, Black Pepper and Lemon Pepper. 
  4. Keep stirring!
  5. Turn your burner up just slightly, to a fairly high heat, and continue to stir your rice while adding some olive oil and lime juice throughout the frying process. 

    Note: lime juice will increase the speed at which your rice will cook and crisp, but also potentially burn- so watch out!

    Cover the rice for just one or two minutes at a time periodically while cooking, for browning. Stir consistently otherwise, and finally turn the heat down to low & set aside to keep warm when it is finished (read: well-cooked, seasoned & crispy.)
  1. Now place your oven to the Broil setting, and then get out a cookie sheet & grease it. Place as many tortillas as you can or would like across the cookie sheet, with the tortillas hopefully overlapping only slightly. Lightly sprinkle the cluster of tortillas with olive oil, lime juice & salt. 

    Note: The amount of oil & lime juice used will affect how quickly the tortillas cook.
  1. Place the cookie sheet into the oven for only one or two minutes, or less— set a timer if you have to, no shame! 
  2. If you need to, repeat this quick cooking process for the tortillas until you have as many tortillas as you’d like. As they come out of the oven, place them on a cooling rack or another surface to cool. 

    Once they are cool enough to touch, but not yet completely cooled, slightly turn up two edges of each tortilla in order to allow them to cool as taco shells.
  1. You are almost done! All that’s left to cook is to quickly fry the peaches that have been sitting in the colander. To do this, turn a stove burner onto almost the highest heat, and then  prepare a frying pan or large sauté pan (doesn’t matter in this instance) with a thick coat of olive oil, and place it onto the heat.
  2. Place your peach slices into the pan, fitting as many as you can without any overlap. Watch out, because as the oil heats up there will definitely be some oil poppin’ action!
  3. Throw in a light amount of Minced Garlic (or Garlic Powder) to this pan, and use a spatula to flip the peaches consistently as they cook quickly. They will fry and darken very quickly, and can burn easily, so keep ‘em movin’!
  4. Once your peaches are finished, which will only take about five or six (5-6) minutes, remove them from  heat, and set aside.
  5. Now, all of your ingredients are done and all you gotta do is assemble them tacos! 
  6. Each tortilla should have, in this order: at least one peach slice, a spoonful of rice, a spoonful of coleslaw, and a topping of your homemade BBQ sauce & some lime juice.
  7. Delicioso! 

Whew! Thanks for reading!

~ Chef G.

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