Vegan Romesco

Romesco sauce is a rich and deep type of pasta sauce; with roasted peppers, toasted almonds, and red wine. Most recipes that call for marinara sauce, you can swap out for Romesco sauce; it will make any dish have a richer and more complex flavor, as well as a brighter color.

This recipe includes ingredients that bring their own depth, and together create a rich &  unbeatable flavor. If you want to elevate a simple dish – like pasta with red sauce,  lasagna, or homemade pizza – this can definitely be a go-to. 

Another easy benefit to this sauce, is it’s really easy to batch-make and use all week. The first time I made this Romesco sauce, I used it to top a baked mushroom polenta, which is how it is commonly paired and enjoyed in Italy; the next day, I used it for a roasted beet pizza, and the day after I sent the rest in my partner’s lunch.

While romesco is delicious enough for the taste to be enough, there is also another huge benefit to cooking with romesco instead of marinara– acidity. Tomato-based sauces tend to be highly acidic, while bell peppers are quite alkaline. This basic property difference will make romesco much easier on your stomach, or an awesome go-to swap for anyone with diet restrictions related to acidity.

My only tip for this recipe is that charring bell peppers makes a lot of smoke– so while I charred these on my apartment kitchen stovetop, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that…. You can char the peppers in the oven, using high heat, or also using an outdoor grill. Of course, if you are feeling brave, you can just open all your windows & turn on a few fans, like I did. They char pretty quickly, so however you want to do it will be fine– all you need is that high, dry heat; and the ability to keep your eyes on ‘em!

However you eat it, or why-ever you eat it, it is so good. 

Vegan Romesco


Red Bell Peppers – 3 indv.
Tomato – 1 indv.
Almonds, roasted – 4 oz
Garlic, minced – ½ oz
Paprika – 2 tsp
Cayenne – ⅛ tsp
Red cooking wine, or red wine vinegar – 1 ½ fl oz
Olive oil – 4 fl oz
Salt – to taste
Black Pepper – to taste 

  1. Preheat your grill, pan or oven to a medium-high heat.
  2. Grab your bell peppers and tomatoes, and char them whole on all sides. Stay with these ingredients while they char, to ensure they don’t overcook. Once each is done, place them immediately into a large bowl, and cover to allow to steam for 15 minutes.
  3. Once cooled, easily peel off the skin with your fingers, and then use a knife to remove the stem and core/seeds.
  4. Small dice all of your peppers and tomato, and place into a food processor with all other dry ingredients, and create a puree.
  5. Continue to blend, slowly adding vinegar and oil, until smooth.
  6. Season to taste, and enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

~ Chef G 

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