Tempeh “No-Carne Asada”

These days, I don’t feel discluded from events too often due to being vegan. I can usually find something vegan on a restaurant or bar menu, or bring my own food to an event. The first time I ever tried to live vegan, it was 2005– I was a teenager, and the only fast food restaurant with a vegan option was Wendy’s because they had an option of fresh fruit as a side. Times are different now, and I don’t usually feel like I can’t ever eat out, like I did then.

Grill outs, camp outs, or barbeques, are different. Usually there will be cooked meat, potato salad with mayonnaise, deviled eggs, baked beans with bacon, and fruit salad covered in whipped cream. If you live in the US, you know what I’m talking about. Honestly, how can I not eat anything here? I usually bring my own vegan potato salad, but then just eat out of that one container the whole time, and start to feel like a gremlin.

So, here is a solution to all your problems– tempeh asada. Build fajita-tacos while everyone else builds burgers, and throw something onto the grill with everyone else. This recipe keeps everything wrapped tight in aluminum foil, and so you don’t even have to worry about any cross-contamination during cooking, or serving!

You’ll need to marinate the tempeh overnight, so get everything together the day before! Or, if the cookout is at night, you can definitely just start the marinade in the morning.

Wanna go full-out and make your own tortillas? I have the recipe for homemade corn tortillas right here!

Tempeh Asada Marinade

How-to Grill Tempeh Asada

Thanks for reading!

~ Chef G.

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