Vegan Classic Pepperoni Pizza with Stuffed Crust

It is finally Friday; and I don’t know about you, but it has felt like a very long week. More often than not, I cook for flavor and nutrition– but sometimes your mental health is going to be the most important thing, and you need food that feels comforting over all else.

Pepperoni pizza is an easy favorite comfort food for so many people, and that does not exclude vegans. Many of us were not vegan as children, and ate maybe hundreds of pepperoni pizzas before any plant-based thinking– or at least I definitely did. It’s really good, okay?

The two products that I feature for this recipe are not affiliated with me at all, they are just genuinely wonderful products. Field Roast is easily my favorite brand for plant-based meats of nearly any kind, and these pepperonis can be eaten just by themselves. As in, I have to force myself to not eat the bag as a snack. The flavor is also very interchangeable to real pepperoni, especially since pepperoni relies so heavily on spices that are still found in the plant-based versions.

The cheese is from Miyoko’s Creamery, and this liquid cheese is incredibly innoventive. Miyoko’s is one of my favorite products because they are my neighbors here in Sonoma County, and they are also woman-owned (she’s pretty awesome, too– check ‘em out on social media). Beyond loving who they are, I also love their cheese, of course. 

This liquid cheese really does – as they claim – boil and brown, just like how you would want on a pizza. I had seen this liquid cheese online for a little while, but I had never seen it in-person. Finally, I saw it at my local community market, and I had to get it. Right then. I’m so glad that I did.

Here is a simple recipe for your weekend for classic pepperoni pizza– just in case you, like me, need some pure comfort food this weekend. 

Vegan Classic Pepperoni Pizza
with Stuffed Crust

Thanks for reading!
~ Chef G

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