Vegan Focaccia Mosaic

When I first thought of making focaccia art, I assumed right away that it would be difficult or excessively effortful— and it’s just… not. In fact, it’s extremely easy, and has quickly joined my list of simple activities to unwind at home.

I have always felt that cooking is an art, similar to any other. I studied writing and poetics in college and graduate school, and through this have had the opportunity to explore a pretty wide variety of different art forms. More than anything else, I love the experience of self-expression and presence in the moment that comes when creating art– and making this focaccia mosaic inspires these same feelings, and similarly creates something beautiful. Plus, you get to eat it.

The ingredients and technique for focaccia are both extremely simple– the dough is just five ingredients, plus water; and the technique is a “straight-dough method,” which means that the bread dough is made all at once, by simply tossing all ingredients into a mixer at the same time. As many of you probably know, that’s a pretty simple bread.

Just like most breads, this focaccia also freezes extremely well, so there’s no risk that it could go to waste. I used this loaf throughout the week for my work lunches– one day with roasted breakfast potatoes and fresh avocado, which paired brilliantly with the bell peppers, garlic, herbs and tomatoes I used in the bread itself. Another day that week, I sliced & toasted the same bread to have a FBLTA (Fake-Bacon + Lettuce + Tomato + Avocado) and it was beyond decadent and delicious.

I posted this recipe to Instagram a little while ago, and it took me a second to get it up on here– so while I fully intend to get more with a schedule, that is the eternal neurodivergent struggle; so give me a follow on Instagram to access more vegan recipes like this one as soon as they come out + extra posts in my stories @veganchefg

A quick extra tip for this recipe is to use toppings that don’t have a ton of moisture, so they don’t bleed their pigment into the dough so much that it ruins the design. Produce like beets or plums would look beautiful in theory, but would have to be prepared pretty carefully to not bleed their color into the dough.

Vegan Focaccia Mosaic

Thanks for reading!
~ Chef G.

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